From the beginning, we’ve known that creating something honest has been at the forefront for our design. To us, that means pulling from areas of our lives that are important to us. During that discussion, our involvement in motorsports, through our partner race team called Vital Speed Motorsports, was quickly the center of our conversation. There are so many parallels between racing and life – it’s both analytical and an artform, you experience the the highest highs to the lowest lows, and it’s an immense team effort. We decided that this aspect of our lives is worth diving into from the approach of design, so the “Racer Capsule” was born.


Right away, the most important part of this capsule is creating pieces that we actually want to wear at the race track. Pieces to wear during media events, at the track walk, when it’s raining out, or over our race suit.


This blend of styling and functionality creates an effortless style, pieces that are easy to wear, and that are truly versatile. So, what does the “Racer Capsule” mean to us? Simply put, it’s a celebration of the motorsports lifestyle.





































Photography and creative direction: Trevor Baek

Model: Demetrius Mensah